Saturday 2nd November 2019

Community Yoga Class 9-10.30am, then tea !

All welcome, either book a spot or come along.


Autumn :

Mon, Wed, and  Thurs morning classes will resume on Monday 28th October.

Mon 8.45 – 11.00am Mysore

Wed 8.45 – 11.00am Mysore

Thurs 9.30 – 11.00am Led Class 

Thurs 11.05 – 11.30 discussion, mantra and sutra chanting

On Mon and Wed self practise (mysore) class, begin your practice at the best time for you.

Beginners are so welcome and best to start arrive 9am.

Ashtanga Yoga opening mantra at 9.30am


Find more current regular yoga class information, and more, on :

Instagram @mo.still

Facebook page Mo Still – Yoga

Please do get in touch if you would like to chat about coming to class, a private lesson or how to begin a yoga practice.

Everyone is welcome. Yoga truly is for all.