Benefits of practising yoga

Why yoga ?

Sometimes we feel we want to do yoga, just because the Sanskrit word itself appeals, even though we don’t know why. Perhaps we practised yoga in a past life ?

Yoga may help to gain strength and mobility, for physical healing from injury, to reduce stress or just to gain a deeper understanding of life.  The beauty about yoga is that anyone can benefit from it.  If you can breath, you can practice yoga. Simple breathing practices are the very foundation of a moving meditative practice.

In recent years, scientific studies back up the practices and claims of the ancient yogis,  showing that yoga practices can have a real impact on our body, mind and spirit health.

Some benefits, the list is endless :

  • A light and energized physical feeling
  • A stronger, more flexible body, giving muscles and joints a greater range of motion
  • An improved nutritional intake, metabolism and digestion
  • A cleansing of the body of toxins gathered through lifestyle
  • A higher energy level : yoga replenishes lost vitality to the body
  • A mind, soul and body that is kept resilient, youthful, fresh and powerful
  • A calm clear mind; concentration and memory improve through the sharpening and focussing of the mind
  • A consciousness of the breath, which leads to an improvement in the quality of the breath
  • Yoga also functions as a fabulous supplementary training for sport and physical activities
  • It is therapeutic for muscle pain and reduces the risk of overextending and damaging muscles
  • Yoga brings, in time, a deep journey in discovery of the togetherness of body, mind and soul